Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back in Time

Just got out of the workshop….thank goodness it is cool and dry out. Sure makes a difference with my attitude as well as the varnish. I found this autograph book from 1892.

I’m still so fascinated by it. Not only because it is so beautiful and very old but to just read the entries of people at that time. The handwriting alone is amazing.

I can remember my Dad telling us so often about how they taught penmanship in school in his day. The Palmer method I believe was what he called it. How he would have to draw circles on top of circles on top of circles. All in an effort to teach them the proper way to hold the pen and to correctly “write” their words and letters.

I don’t think they even teach writing or penmanship in school today. With computers it seems that printing is all they need. Of course typing is now “keyboarding”. When my SEVEN YEAR OLD!!! Granddaughter said she was learning the keyboard, I thought she was talking about the piano!!!!

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