Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Blog

Well I guess everything has a start.  So I'll start with our planning meeting.  Most all of our dealers were present.  It was great seeing everyone.  Our meetings are usually a bit of planning, a little more socializing and a lot of just fun, folks and (oh yes) good food. 

Our anniversary sale was fast approaching and we always like to make it the biggest and best sale of the year.  Everyone pitches in as usual.  This year the corner will be decorated with a wedding theme.  Cake will be ordered appropriate for our 21st anniversary.  Wow!!  That says a lot.  We are still going strong and having fun after 21 years. 

All of our customers love the hot dogs, chips and doings that we always offer at our monthly sales.  Balloons will decorate the whole area.

The rest of the year's activities were reviewed.  We are up and going on the web (check us out) and our e-mail list is growing leaps and bounds.  Someone suggested that if a customer e-mails us with comments on our new web page they should receive a discount coupon.  I will track.

We also went over our "Want List" and reviewed all contacts and items listed.

The next meeting will be announced.  All sales are scheduled and listed on our web page.  We will need to meet several weeks before our November Christmas Open House.  I can't wait for that.  Christmas is just around the corner............OMG!!!

As soon as Karen emails me with the recipe for the blueberry pie,  I will post it.  It is a must try.

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  1. Kathy,great job with all of the advertising!!! Hope all your hard work pays off for the store. Nancy Nelson