Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time is flying by as usual....Fall is apparently here!!!!

This is a tree right across the street.  If fall isn't here it must be right around the corner.  And so is another sale for the shop which means I had better get going on some sanding and inventory entering, etc.

The anniversary sale was a great success and really a lot of fun.  It was followed up by what was going to be just another sale...huh.  At the last minute we decided to celebrate one of our dealers 60th birthday.  He didn't know of course!!  What a hoot.  We even had a customer volunteer to sing!!  He overheard a couple dealers suggesting we should sing happy birthday.  He announced that if he had a guitar he would be glad to do a sing a long!!  Of course they immediately found a guitar and so it went.  Greg's face was as red as his shirt. 
The balloons that are hoovering overhead are all "Happy Birthday" balloons.  They also had % off written on them so our customers picked out a balloon and got that percentage off their purchase.  It really turned out to be a favorite.  The hot dog buffet was a hit as usual and all the desserts were gone quite quickly. 

We were really busy.  It was a beautiful day out.  The tent was put up outside and obviously empty.  The reason being that Sue, Sharon and myself quickly found out that bees were enjoying life right in that same spot.  They did not enjoy our interruption and started chasing us into the shop.  So needless to say we let them have their "space". 

Furniture seemed to be the most popular sale.  Small items moved as usual.  It was nice to see some of the old faces....collectors and dealers.  Bonnie sold her wall clock that was the featured item on our web page.  And vintage clothing was also a hit.  Our corner was decorated with sewing and clothing features.  They always do a great job every monthly with a different theme.  Check out the great piece that Greg brought in...its on our facebook page...sorry I cant post it here.  Must have saved it some place strange???  I never said I was good at this stuff.  Actually just learning as I go.

Next sale (Sept 26th)will be fun with all the pumpkins we bring in every year.  Becky finds some really unusual pumpkins.  The usual along with white and some really ugly, bumpy scary pumpkins.  The Fall sale is just the way to start off the season.  I love it!!

Well enough for now.  Thinking about fall...I have to go dig out those lawn chairs for the coming Yorkville Youth Tackle Football season.  Jake, my oldest grandson and his brother Trent are both starters so our Sundays are scheduled out for a couple months :)

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