Friday, October 8, 2010

The Good Ole Days?

Recently I went to an auction that mainly had antique tools.  They were all facinating.  Some obviously very used.  Others not so much.  The woodwork and some of the metal work were really quite beautiful.  Some of them I couldn't figure out....and a few the auctioneers weren't quite sure of either.  One thing that was for sure though.....I don't think using these tools were what goes into the saying: "The Good Ole Days"!!!

Hay Knife
This hay knife does not look like something easy to use.  Especially when you consider how much hay you would have to cut!!!!  It really is sharp and probably needed sharpening during the  first ...what acre..? Well probably not if I had to use it because I would be exhausted sitting on some tree stump wondering how I would possibly get the hay in.

Of course using this could really make for some nice biceps....!!!!

This is a seed spreader.  Not at all like the one you may have used recently to spread weed and feed on the lawn right???

They all did the job but hurray for progress.  Change is inevitable.  Accepting it, let along liking it, is sometimes difficult for many of us myself included.  I for one find the progress in these tools good.  I can accept it and...yes.. gladly :)

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