Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Basic Caramel

This recipe can be used for caramel to cut into squares for eating.

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup dark corn syrup
1 cup whipping cream
6 Tablespoons butter (cut into pieces)

You will need a Candy thermometer and a pan 5" deep and about 7-8" wide at the top.

1.  Combine, sugar, corn syrup, and cream and butter in the pan.  Set over medium high heat.  Using a whisk or a spoon stir slowly until it starts to warm up.
2.  Clip on your candy thermometer to the pan.  Do not let the tip touch the bottom of the pan.
3.  Bring the mixture to the boil.  Reduse heat so that it just bubbles, small bubbles(light rolling boil)but it does not splash out of the pan.  Stir from time to time. 
4.  Cook to a little over 230 but not more than 235 max.  Do not over cook.  Take off heat at 233.  The hotter you cook it the stiffer the finished caramel will be. 
5.  Take a small square baking pan or dish (9X9) or  (8x12) or (7x12) and put foil into pan, spray or grease or oil the foil well,covering bottom and sides.  Note: 9x9 pan will make thicker 9x12 will make thinner.
6.  When caramel is done, pour into the pan (set on a rack) and let sit to set up until set - 1hr room temp.
7.  Remove caramel and foil from pan and turn upside down on cutting board, and peel back foil.  Cut the caramel into small squares.  You can use a pizza wheel or a knife.  Wrap pieces in wax paper.

Make sure to eat some just to make sure they are o.k.  but...save some for the other people!!

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