Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas is Fast Approaching...and a Visit Back to the Farm

I know we still have Thanksgiving and I really love that season too.  All our family gathers around our table.....hmmm better get going on some dinner plans I guess and soon.

I am headed for the shop.  Plans are going forward on the Open House, November 13th Saturday.  We changed it up a little this year.  We are closing all day Friday to finish up on the decorating etc.  We reopen at 2PM for the open house on Saturday which will last til 8PM.

I am excited to get all the Christmas things I  have out in the shop.  This year I am really trying to keep it more on the primitive Christmas side.  I have rag garland that just looks awesome.  I made some gingerbread men ornaments out of bakers clay.  My tree is from the redwood bush out front and a birch limb that my husband found for me out in the woods. 

The Open House Plans include Wine Tasting and as always treats and lots of them.  I am baking the same Texas Sheet Cake that I had for our last sale but will also bring Banana Bars.  Hopefully most of these will make it to the shop.  Mike and I both love Banana bread and these bars.  Oh well tis the season of gaining...I mean giving :)

Pictures to follow but as for the farm...

Mike and I were meandering around the countryside looking for another auction which seemed to have totally confused our buddy Garmin.  I suggested I take him by the farm that I fell in love with since it was in the area.   The good news is I found it. 

The crops are all harvested now and really no activity.  We did see some hunters in the fields as well as a flock of turkeys way off.  I think it is turkey and deer season.  The farm was also quiet.  I was really glad I could show it to him especially since I haven't stopped talking about it.  We even found the Frank Lloyd Wright home (around Spring Green in Wisconsin).

Hope you are all finding time to enjoy this time of year.  Try putting Vince Gill "Peace on Earth" on your CD player.  Oops maybe its an Ipod these days..who knows.   Ha!!  After finding the farm we happened on a really neat antique shop that was also having their open house.  It was fantastic. (I have their card if anyone wants the address just let me know on comments).  They were playing this CD and it really sounded wonderful.

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