Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Ornaments with Bakers Clay

I haven't used bakers clay in a long time.  I pulled out my old recipe and got working on some ornaments yesterday.  They are really easy. Quick and easy.  I think I will make some more with the Grand kids next week.  That will probably result in a little more flour on the floor, etc.

I used a cookie cutter to make the ginger bread men that I wanted for a tree I was making.   I used a straw to make a hole for the ornament hook.  After baking I let them cool.  Then I put the ornament hook on them.  I bought some green colored large hooks.  The usual silver ones looked cheap and didn't add anything!

You can paint them with poster paint, acrylic, whatever.  I wanted them to be natural looking cookies so I used the hook to hold on to them and dunked them in varnish.  Keep in mind these can be heavy depending on how thick you cut them.  This will also effect how long you should bake them.  But you should also consider storing and handling them like glass ornaments since they will break if dropped.

I let them dry then tied red ribbon around their necks to keep with the color I had planned.  The final step was to give them a light spray with acrylic that I got at Michael's.  This made sure they were sealed was well as kept the ribbon in place.

The tree was made from a birch branch that Mike dragged back from the woods.  It was a little crooked but I thought that added something.  I attached it to a piece of old barn wood for a base.  This was a little challenging.  I ended up cutting a whole in the bottom and secured the limb through that.  The limbs are from our bush in front of the house!! 

I used a small bit to drill holes in the branch where I wanted the limbs.  When I was pretty certain it looked right I added some glue to make sure the limbs could hold the weight of the ornaments.  I added some moss at the base and a few lights.

Now off to the shop.  Hopefully others will enjoy my "Primitive Ginger Bread Christmas Tree"!!!

4 Cups flour
1 Cup Salt
2 Cups water

Mix ingredients then  knead until smooth.  Roll out and cut into desired shapes.  Bake at 350 degrees for around 1 hour

Baking will depend on how thick you cut the shapes and also on how brown you want them.  Usually only the bottom of the shape will turn brown.  You will find that some will even puff up a little which makes them fun.  Experiment a little!!  Don't forget to use a straw to make a hole at the top for a ribbon or hook to go thru.

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