Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Antique Christmas Tree

Our shop had the opportunity to decorate a tree for a special holiday event at the Timber Creek Inn on Rt.34 in Sandwich, IL just a little past our location.  Sharon M., Becky and I all volunteered and met at that location this past Friday.  The Inn is quite nice and the people there were very cordial.  They even set up cheese trays and other hot snacks for us. 

I think the tree turned out really nice. Obviously we decided on decorating our tree as they did in the past...hence an "Antique Tree".  I popped pop corn and made a garland that I thought would be plenty long.  Guess what.  It wasn't.  It looked great but I really should have made it at least 3-6 feet longer. 

I popped about 3 bags of regular pop corn and used most all of it.  Many kernels would break so were not usable.  I threaded a regular needle and used white thread.  I had considered using fishing line but didn't think it would be necessary since the pop corn would be pretty light.  No special skill here.  Just pop and string each kernel together.  I made each length of thread about a yard in length and doubled the thread.  Then I left some length free at each end so that I could tie each length together forming a garland.  It did take some time but listening to Christmas carols put me in the mood to get it done and see how the others made out . 

Bonnie was in charge of the cranberries.  She said that she used about 4 bags.  She did use fishing line since the berries would be heavier.  She strung about 6 yards!!  I'm really glad she did because the berries turned out lovely.  Since we had enough we could swag the berry garland.  The berrys were strung together fresh out of the bag.  Someone asked if we froze them?  No and of course drying would make them too hard to string together.  They look great on the tree.

Lastly Sharon dried sliced oranges in a dehydrator.  She said she sliced one bag of oranges.  She left the oranges in  for about  12 hours. We did not spray or lacquer them.  We added hooks and put them on the tree.

The tree had all white lights.  As always the more the better.  The final touch were the post cards and holiday cards that Bonnie specializes in (be sure to visit her booth at the shop.  She has some really nice vintage cards and clothing as well).

We had a great time and were pleased at the result.  They were several area businesses there decorating their trees.  Many different and unusual approaches.  All beautiful.  The event was just for Saturday and Sunday, December 4 and 5 but the trees will be up for the entire Holiday Season so stop by!!!  Each tree has a sign in front declaring which business it belongs to.  Our "Sandwich Antique Mart" tree is located in the back of the entrance foyer.  P.S.  we also left some 20% off coupons for the shop so have fun and enjoy the trees.

Merry Christmas!!!!