Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Wonderful Christmas

Well 2011 is here and Christmas has come and gone.  It really goes much too quickly.  This year we had a record number of family at the house.  The table had all fourteen leaves!!!  A first!!  It was wonderful having everyone here

Now it was time to put everything away :(  Not the most loved part of the season.  But this year I took my time.  I collected everything from around the house.....basically every room.  Then I put everything in the 3 seasons room to wait for packing up.  This way I was able to get everything organized so that next year the bathroom decorations would be together, the living room together, etc.

The choir seem to be talking about next year's performance.  The Hallmark snowmen are waving good bye.  Even the dog is wondering if we will get all of this in the attic.

But the good news is we did.  Some items will not be packed away.  They have their proud place on the refrigerate for....probably ever!!

The Poinsettia will also stay out for a while. don't think its a Poinsettia.  Neither do I but that's another story!!