Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dynamics of One

Its been a and fun just don't wait do they!!! 

I stopped by the shop and looked at the newest dealers booths.  Each dealer in the shop does such a great job at keeping their inventory unique and ever changing (thanks in part to good sales!!). 

Dealers tend to specialize in certain antiques and vintage items but they all will offer variety. 

In our shop dealers utilize estate sales, referrals, auctions and all sorts of avenues to find their treasures.  They have storage buildings, garages or just a small space dedicated to their work.  And it does take some work.  Time searching, loading pieces that one finds. Unloading them at the work space.  Cleaning, repairing, refinishing.  Tagging, pricing, inventorying.  Then reloading and the unloading at the shop.  Arranging the booth space, re-arranging the booth space. 

Yes you really need to love this business.

Every SINGLE dealer has their own specialty.  Their own way of finding those types of items.  Their own way of repairing, storing or restoring.  Their own way of displaying inventory in their space.  How often they rearrange their items or rotate their inventory.....if they want to decorate with the seasons, etc.

All make their own choices.  Each One.  Each different. 

Having been away I took my time to look at the shop.  Not only the new dealers but also the new counter, new music, addition of glass display cases to  name a few. 

I reviewed the minutes from the last meeting.  Lots of discussion on general shop matters.  Advertising.  Approaching Sale.Everyone had some input.  I had the moment to review and realize the everyone vs the dynamics of one.  Each dealer has their space, their approach, their ideas BUT they make themselves more than one by combining their abilities, their inventories, their decorating and displaying ideas with the group.  The limit of ONE combines with all the other ONES to make the group DYNAMIC.  And the efforts of all expand the dynamics of the group, the success of the store and so the success of all.

Check out our efforts this is our anniversary month.  22 years in business..WOW!!!  Some special sales and celebration.  Details on or

Have a wonderful summer!!

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