Friday, January 13, 2012

Putting some New in the Old.

I have not been on line for a while.  Many reasons about as complicated as life is I guess but got to get going again.  So here I am.....must be a good time to start since this is the first snow we have had for the whole season!!.  We had another great Christmas Open House last November at the shop.  I hope you had the opportunity to join us. 

The group met this past Tuesday to review our marketing plan for this new year.  We are looking into new ways to advertise.  We are already on line and also on Facebook. We talked about new ways of using both of these as well as texting and tagging.  That's right...texting and tagging. 

This time last year I hadn't gotten started on texting Ha!!! and certainly had no idea about tagging.  Well now I do do some texting and yes I even have created a tag for the shop.  Just created it.....have no clue if I will master how we can best use it.  But I have to admit researching all this new stuff is fun. 

It really is more of an adventure.  Kind of like a scavenger hunt.  You find one fact that leads you to another, etc. etc.  This kind of learning is new since when I first got on Facebook I had to call my Grandson to see how to answer his message to me....that went something like "Grandma when did you get on Facebook".  I had no clue how to answer his message. 

The other question I had for him was where is the learning manual.  After patiently waiting for him to stop laughing I found out there are no manuals.  Wow!!  Thus the scavenger hunt.  Although he did announce to me last week that there isn't anything you can't learn to do from You Tube!!  So guess where I'm going!!!!

Stay tuned to see how we do putting some new into our Antique(old) shop!!!!

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