Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Recipe Request and a Look Back at Christmas

This is quite late but several folks wanted to know how Mara made her sausage appetizer that we had out as one of the many dishes for our Christmas Open House.  So here it Mara put it "  kind of recipe"

Take 4 smoked sausage links and a large jar of strawberry jam or preserves.  Cut the links in slices and add to jam.  Place in crock pot to heat and melt.  These are good!!!

Just in case you did not see the pictures on Facebook, I have attached a few of the pictures from the open house. After finally getting some snow it is kind of fun to look back at some Christmas memories

Lots of hard work, late nights and sore backs!!  It was wonderful to see all our wonderful customers coming out to enjoy it all.  We even had quite a line waiting for us to open.  Super Great !!


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